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December 10, 2015

The CCD Podcast: Episode #82 - The Star Wars Art Show

CCD.NYC has been sponsoring live art shows around Brooklyn for the past year, and one of the places we got the inspiration to do those shows was from our good friend Joseph Milazzo. Milazzo is a talented musician and artist himself, and he has been putting together shows for years now. We liked his format of rotating artists in for each so and having a theme... so we kinda stole it and added the pop culture twist! So when Joe told us that his next show was going to be focusing on a Pop Culture phenomenon such as Star Wars we had to have him on the podcast to tell us all about it! The 15 pieces from the show will be on display on Saturday Dec 12th at 3 Jolly Pigeons bar in Bay Ridge (click here for details) all night, but listen to Jedi Rob chop it up with Joe and one of the other artists in the show Al Accettura as a bit of a sneak preview!!!

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