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November 6, 2015

Happy Bday In Heaven Sean - A Look Back At the Great Sean Hartter Here On CCD!

I often write about a guy named Sean Hartter... a dude who I felt like I knew a bunch yet never actually met. A person who I felt I had so much in common with, yet never had the pleasure of shaking his hand. A guy who was as talented an artist as I could hope to work with, yet was snatched away from us far too soon by a terminal disease. I write about him to honor his memory.

Way back when we started this crazy CCD ride Sean was one of the first artists works I had featured on the site that reached back to me and said "thanks". Thanks... imagine? Here I am in AWE at his awesome faux movie posters, and he is THANKING me for posting them. Amazing. So we began a dialogue, and over time planned some projects to work on. But unfortunately God had something more important for him to do than some collaboration with us on faux movie posters. So as I sit here missing a guy who I honestly can say affected my life over the Interwebs, I know this:

Right now, Sean is sitting at big drawing table in the sky. He is watching Kaiju & Horror movies, admiring his awesome beard in the mirror, and making God and all the angels laugh as he photoshops them into their favorite movie posters! Can't wait to see all the work you have done since you been gone my friend... till I see you again!

Sean did three direct art projects with CCD:

CCD - VHS Box Art

Goom - Drawing by Tommy Lombardozzi, Coloring by Sean Hartter

The Omen by Sean Hartter

Here is a link to the column I wrote over at CCD on his passing.  And if you search the CCD website you will find literally HUNDREDS of mentions of Sean. Take the time... his art was worth it!  

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