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November 9, 2015

The CCD Podcast: Episode #75.5 - The 'Spectre' Film Review or "Why The Hell Doesn't Daniel Craig Like Making Successful Movies That Pay Him A Shit Ton of Money?"

James Bond... the name rings bells in the cinematic world as one of the oldest and truest "franchise tentpole" properties in the biz. Spanning 6 decades, the films of  Bond have covered all the bases and given us plenty of thrills. We have seen 007 fight bad guys both on Earth and in space, topple governments and kill enemies in a variety of exciting ways, and make love to more beautiful women than even Wilt Chamberlain (ok... maybe not THAT MANY women, but 007 always has quality chicks). We have seem technology come to real life long after appearing in a fictional capacity in a Bond film (floating water cars and lasers, watch communicators and minuscule spy equipment). And now we are in a golden age of Bond where there is both an insanely talented movie director (Sam Mendes has helmed the last two films) and great actors (both supporting and starring) are willing to do the films. So Jedi Rob leads a review of the newest installment with his old man Mr. Martin and his lovely wife Alicia Gomes, and all is well in the spy world! Listen for more Bond inspired podcasts later this week....

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