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November 12, 2015

The CCD Podcast: Epsiode #76 - The Very Best of Bond

James Bond has been a character that has spawned 12 original novels by creator Ian Fleming and 24 feature films (26 if you count the non Eon pictures projects) over its 60 year history. The series is the 3rd highest grossing film franchise ever (1st if you adjust for inflation) and has made over 6 Billion dollars during its long run. When you have a character and story that is told over that long a period of time there are bound to be some great moments, as well as some down moments. So instead of doing our typical retrospective, we decided to highlight those ups and downs in a two part podcast. First up we have the best moments of Bond. This podcast features host Jedi Rob alongside his dad Poppa Martin and the lovely Mrs. Alicia Gomes. They hit on most of the classic Bond moments, so make sure you give it a shot.... 

Tune back in a couple of days for the Worst of Bond Episode that will be coming your way shortly!

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