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November 5, 2015

The CCD Podcast: Episode #75 - Gotham Girls Roller Derby or "Them Chicks Look Tough... Sexy... But TOUGH!"

Long a part of the counter culture within sports, Roller Derby is having a resurgence of epic proportions right now. And since we love anything off the beaten path and as cool as this, we decided to reach out to a few of the Gotham Girls and have them come over to the Nerd Cave and explain to us what all the fuss was about. Roxy Dallas and Violet Knockout gave Rob a tutorial on how the game is played, what the sport means as a lifestyle, and what it feels like to participate on the biggest national stage Roller Derby has to offer. The girls are off to Minnesota to participate in the national championship tournament, but before they go they recorded one hell of a podcast with us. So give it a listen.... or else! 

Violet Knockout & Roxy Dallas

Watch the championship games LIVE...

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