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October 30, 2015

The CCD Podcast: Episode #74.5 - Army of Darkness & Ash vs The Evil Dead Screening at Videology Bar & Cafe on 10/29/15

Last night we attended an awesome live event at Videology Bar & Cafe in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that tied in perfectly with our recent CCD vs The Evil Dead Retrospective episodes of the podcast. Videology teamed up with Den of Geek US to host a double feature screening of the third installment of the Evil Dead franchise 'Army of Darkness' and the very 1st episode of the new Starz TV show 'Ash vs. The Evil Dead'. To say that our minds were blown at the announcement of such an event would be the understatement of the century... So we treked into Williamsburg to see just how great this event could be. The results: GROOOOOOOVVVVYYYYY!!!! 

While we were at the bar we recorded a bunch of interviews with staff members, patrons of the show, and we even had a chance to sit down AFTERWARDS an discuss the night with the Editor-In-Chief of Den of Geek US himself, Mr. Michael Cecchini. Overall, a great night. Give this bonus episode a listen and it will feel as if you were right there with us!

Hail to the king baby! All Hail King ASH!!!! 

Special shout outs to a few of the folks we chatted with...

Rob Kutruff of Videology
Travis Cowsill of Hero Hair 
Liz Young of Tales Calculated to Scare-ify

Be sure to check out all the awesome work they are doing!

While you are at it, check out the newest horror themed collection we have up from our CCD.NYC art collective by clicking here.

One of the pieces is based on Evil Dead II and was done by artist Glenn Gracia! Buy yours today.

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