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November 11, 2014

CCD Interviews: Live From The Show Floor Of The 2014 NY Comic Con - Fat Guy Inc. Doing It BIG On The Main Floor!!!!

Most of the CCD gang is on the chubby side... we are proud of that. Hell, even the skinny guys down with our crew put on when it comes to throwing down food. It may be one of our favorite things to do as a group (especially Tommy & I). So when I came across an interesting looking artist booth with a couple of guys who look ALOT like me sitting behind it I had to walk over. And when I saw the name of the company... well, Fat Guy Inc. certainly has an appeal to a guy of my size!!!! Brendan & Peat are two Long Island residents that were  brought together through food... and now that they are a team, they are taking the art show/con circuit by storm! They have some great pieces, and the coolest part is that their styles are different but work well together at the same time. These guys are hysterical, and the art is pretty amazing. They refer to their collected works as 'an artistic stew', considering they have many different styles and mediums that they work with. One of my favorite pieces was a scene from Star Wars, which was after the destruction of Uncle Owen & Aunt Beru's house. The is a smoldering pile of what can only be assumed to be a Beru/Owen souffle, and Brendan refered to this piece as "A Tatooine BBQ". Hysterical... and all food related! These guys were great, so jump on over to their Facebook and Twitter pages and show 'em some love!!! Check out Tommy's interview with the fellas after the jump....

Some of the guys work from 2014 Comic Con:

Brendan's Fat Yoda (looks a lot like George RR Martin)

Peat's original sketch of Mysterio based on a Tarot Card

Squidward Sushi... 

  And the CCD Interview:

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