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November 11, 2014

CCD Interviews: Live From The Show Floor Of The 2014 NY Comic Con - Imagination Asylum Toys & Collectibles

Resin toys are a burgeoning industry. When we walked around on The Block at the 2014 NY Comic Con there were literally 100s of booths that were selling some sort of resin figures... and usually the prices were quite high. As someone who does not collect but loves to look, I am always attracted by the way a figure LOOKS first and than I am shocked at the price tags. But when I was walking down the aisle and I saw the figures at the Imagination Asylum's table, I was instantly drawn in... and pleasantly SUPRISED at how reasonable the prices seemed to be. I decided to chat with the owner and artist/sculpture Rich, who peeled back the layers of the Vermont based company and let us in on a little secret: That a lot of the resin toys that are priced SO HIGH are kinda of rip offs because it doesn't cost nearly as much to make them as people are charging!!! Rich shows us that you can make cool ass sculpts and create great toys, charge an amount much lower than market price for these types of toys, and still make a profit. Hell, these guys have some figures that are only around 5 bucks each! How great is that? Check out all their stuff by clicking here to visit their webpage, and proceed after the jump in order to see our interview with Rich right from the show floor....

Here are some shots of the the cool ass Imagination Asylum toys:

Glow in the Dark Cyglob figure

The Space Zombie

A Cyglob in the workshop

An Orc from the Phalanx Project

Figures on display at the table

The Islanders... $5 bucks!!! 
And here is the interview:

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