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November 11, 2014

CCD Interviews: Live From The Show Floor Of The 2014 NY Comic Con - The American Nature Comix Crew Brings The Weird!!!

There is no shortage of weirdness on the show floor of NY Comic Con, and for some reason we seem to have a magnet attracting us to it. So when you see a comic book being hawked at a booth featuring a character named Beef Jam (a giant basketball player with a cheeseburger for a head) on the cover sitting right next to a T Shirt that reads "Basic Bitches Buy Marvel"... well, er, you make your way over there. The gang from American Nature Comix were definitely selling some unique and bizarre products, and talking to them helped shed some light on the books and art they were trying to move. The main draw of the booth was the American Nature Comix Presents anthology comic that featured a few stories (Beef Jam being one of them) that were wacky and weird. The mouth piece of the group, Mark described it as "Mad Magazine if HBO got a hold of it!". I mean, c'mon... a basketball playing, cheeseburger headed main character? Being worshiped by deer antlered hoochies? Yup, I am in. It also features a cover done by Steve Seeley. The guys were also pushing a cool comic called Rad In Time, also from their home comic company Bogus Publishing.  They also have some awesome acrylic art that they create by artists Greg & Fake using familiar pop culture characters given a subtle twist of adding rap lyrics into them. And with a $20 price point for an original piece, these were one of the best bargains of the con. Check em out over at Bogus Publishing, on Facebook and over at Greg & Fake's Tumblr. Check out the interview after the jump...

2/3s of the American Nature Comix crew...

Great acrylic paintings by Greg & Fake

The gang's digital business card... hahaha!

The 1st Issue of American Nature Comix Presents

Check out the interview:

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