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November 14, 2014

The CCD Podcast: Episode #32 - The Michael Keaton Retrospective or "I'm Batm... er, um, Beetleju.... er, um.... BIRDMAN!!!!"

There are a few actors that come along in a lifetime that just engulf you with their presence on the screen. For anyone in the 35-40 year old range right now, one of those guys has to be Michael Keaton. I mean, come on... this guy has played not ONE, but TWO INSANELY important roles to the youth of the 80s: Beetlejuice & Batman! Yup, that is two monster roles... yet they only scratch the surface of the work that Keaton has done. The Dream Team, Night Shift, Mr. Mom... Clean & Sober, My Life, Jackie Brown... the list goes on and on. So for us here at CCD he was the perfect subject for our first individual based retrospective. We talk all things Keaton, big roles and small, and bring it all full circle to his current role as the title character in Birdman. We hope all you Keaton fans enjoy this just as much as we did recording it. Enjoy some great Keaton-esque art after the jump, and enjoy the podcast after the jump. Also, head over to ITunes and SUBSCRIBE, DOWNLOAD, LISTEN and then SHARE it on your favorite form of SOCIAL MEDIA. Oh yeah... I'M Batman!!!!

Batman by Diplines

Beetlejuice by Caricature 80

Keaton by Emma 178

Bettlejuice, Beetlejuice, Bettlejuice by Adam Brown

BATMAN meets Batman by Steven Ely

The Cat Meets The Bat by Fernando Magno

Beetlejuice Ponders Batman by Mad Munchkin

Birdman by 800 Pound Productions

CCD Halloween

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