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October 1, 2014

The CCD Podcast: Episode #23 - CCD's Favorite Anthology Horror Movies or 'A Bunch Of Short Horror Stories Are Way Better Than Just One... No?'

Here at CCD we are a bit horror crazy, especially when we get to the month of October. October can be a bit crazy here... we got our All Horror Week coming up from October 24th - 31st, and we have a ton of posts headed your way in the next couple of weeks. But now we got ourselves a PODCAST... so you know we gonna be talkin' Horror Movies baby! Jedi Rob & Mike D sit down and crack open one of their favorite topics thus far: CCD's Favorite Horror Anthology Movies!!! The results are fantastic, spanning over 50 years. So make sure you click the link and head on over to ITunes. Once you are there, please do me a favor and Subscribe, Download, Listen and SHARE the podcast on your favorite SOCIAL MEDIA website. Enjoy a little anthology horror art after the jump as well:

Enjoy these Horror Anthology inspired art pieces courtesy of Deviant Art:

Creepshow by Grant Go Boom

Trick R Treat by MalevolentNate 

VHS Vampire by Meghan Murphy

Black Sabbath by Luke-Kage

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  1. I'm live-podcast-listing so I'll leave some random comments as I do.

    Glad you remembered 'Tales That Witness Madness' When the podcast started rolling I immediately remembered how great that one was....especially the tiger bit. For the life of me I could NOT remember the title, though. Rob..give that one a shot this season. You'll probably remember it once it unfolds......otherwise you'll just be pleasantly surprised to find something old is new again.

  2. I'm fairly certain 'Trick R Treat' Sam is not one of the massacre kids...but, he did witness the events at some point. But...(Transition into Cox) Brian Cox's character is revealed to have played a role int he massacre if you recall.

  3. 'Pontypool' is terrible. I don't know how I made it through that one.