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October 6, 2014

The CCD Podcast: Episode #24 - Live On Location at St. Mark's Comics NYC For NY Super Week or 'Look Ma... Them CCD Boyz Done Made It Big!"

So here at CCD we have always been very involved with New York Comic Con. Since we started the blog over 4 years ago we have been privileged to receive press passes to the event and have done some wild and crazy shit live from the show floor! It has been a hell of a ride, and as we have grown... well, so have the Con itself. This year the folks over at NYCC started New York Super Week. NY Super Week is a week long countdown of events to the show itself, taking place at various locations throughout the city. The events vary in nature, with the one common bond being that they all relate to NY Comic Con. We were once again supremely lucky, as we were put into contact with the proprietor of one of the coolest comic book stores in NYC, St. Mark's Comics. Mitch (the owner) wanted to have us come into the store and do a show LIVE from the middle of the floor. Yup, right from the middle of the best comic store in NYC! Holy crap... and to make it even crazier, this was to be the KICK OFF event of the week at St. Marks. Wow, what an honor. We did the show, brought down the crew, and took over the store as only CCD could. We even made a co-host out of the owner, Mitch! Lots of fun comic themed talk, making new friends and doing it real big live and direct from an iconic spot... how was your Friday? Ours were great! Check the episode after the jump, and make sure you head over to ITunes and Subscribe, Download, Listen and SHARE the podcast on your favorite social media platforms! See you at NY Comic Con...

Thanks again to Mitch and the St. Mark's Comics fam. Looking forward to doing many more events there in the future!  

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