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September 3, 2014

The ABC's Of Death 2 Gets A Red Band Trailer... Yup, This Looks Even More Fucked Up Then The First One!

Good lawd.... The ABC's of Death was an interesting take on a anthology horror film. 26 directors took there shots in 2-5 minute short film that could be in any medium possible. The only thing they all had in common was that they all were given a letter, and they must chose a word to describe the type of death that would be featured in their segment. Like A is for Apocalypse, B is for Bigfoot... you get the idea. The direct to VOD release was a huge success and the word of mouth behind it made it spread like wild fire. Sure, some of the segments were great and some sucked... they all weren't for everyone. But they were all pretty good, and very original. It was also cool to see all the type of mediums the directors used, as well as the different style of directing from segment to segment. So like any good horror film that is successful, it is getting a sequel. The ABC's of Death 2 features 26 new directors for another trip down the alphabet... and these look even better (by better I mean more bizarre and sicker) than the original. I can get behind this... the film will be released on VOD on October 2nd, and will also have a limited theatrical run around Halloween. Will you be checking it out? Check out the red band trailer after the jump...

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