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September 4, 2014

The CCD Podcast: Episode #20 - The Best 'Back to School' Movies Ever or "Back To School, Back To School... To Prove To Rob That Mike D's Not A Fool"

It is the time of year that we dreaded as kids... it is time to head back to school! Kids everywhere are headed back to the classroom, and they are not very happy about it. Hollywood has never been shy on shining the light on the educational system and those involved in it on any level, so we here at the CCD Podcast decided to take a trip down memory lane reminiscing about the best 'Back to School' movies ever. Jedi Rob is joined in The Nerd Cave by Mike D & the lovely Alicia Gomes, and we go through the classics: Billy Madison, Pretty In Pink, The Breakfast Club, Clueless, and many many more. So no matter how old you are, it is always good to think back on the magical days of school time. No grab a Snack Pack and check out the podcast & this weeks art after the jump....

This weeks art, courtesy of Deviant Art as per usual:

3 O'Clock High by Mike 313

Clueless by Feliesje

No More Yanky on My Wanky by GattaDonna

That's Quacktastic by Zombie Giraffe

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