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July 2, 2014

The CCD Podcast: Episode #10 - The Best Movies on the 4th of July EVER or This Is The Podcast 'Murica Deserves, Bitches!!!!!

4th of July is one of our favorite holidays here at CCD... we are very patriotic like that. But instead of bloviating about the best laws and constitutional amendments our great country has to offer, we decided to tackle one of our favorite subjects: MOVIES WE LIKE TO WATCH ON THE 4TH OF JULY!!!! Episode #10 of the CCD Podcast counts down our favorite 4th of July movies. Jedi Rob, Mike D and Tommy Lombardozzi's (making his CCD Podcast debut) are on the job. The movies we pick might not necessarily ring as so called "4th of July" movies, but these are the films we like to pop a squat and view on the 4th in between taking out hotdogs two at a time and lighting mortars off in front of our house! That is just how we get down. Check out some cool artwork as well, including Rob Martin's very own Captain America themed CCD piece, and a few from one of this weeks special guest Tommy Lombardozzi. How can you ask for anything more... it would be UN-AMERICAN! Enjoy a ton of content after the jump...

First up, Jedi Rob Martin's wonderful CCD themed Cap shield:

Next, Tommy Lombardozzi does a few Jaws pieces to make you scared to go swimming... and stay inside to WATCH MOVIES!!!!

Buy some of Tommy's art by clicking here!!! 

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  1. Bay-ogeddon is a terrible.....TERRIBLE film. Your collective credibility is starting to wane with me.

    1. You are part of that collective credibility Jeff... lol

  2. ...another great job, Rob. A few unexpected picks and reasoning behind those picks. I didn't envy anyones jobs this episode!