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July 1, 2014

Groo the Wanderer vs Conan the Barbarian? Yup, Dark Horse Comics Is Making That Happen!!!

Dark Horse Comics always seems to find a way to appeal to the comic fan in me by giving me things I have always wanted yet felt I could never get. That is why they are firmly my #1 favorite Indy comic company behind the Big 2. Yet just when I don't think they can ever give me more of a shock with an announcement, they find a way to get me once again. Groo the Wanderer is one of the best titles ever created... Sergio Aragones draws the big guy, and Mark Evanier collaborates with Aragones on the scripts. They had a 120 issue run back in the day on Marvel's Epic Comics line... yup, that is a 10 year project! And it was so great. They have also had the character published by Image, Dark Horse, Pacific, Eclipse, and many other comic companies. Groo, the hapless barbarian, wanders the known world looking for a way to use his superior swordsman skills but unwittingly causing death and destruction to his surroundings. One of the reasons I love him so much is because he reminds me of Inspector Clouseau of the Pink Panther movies. He gets good results, but his methods are downright ridiculous and mayhem usually follows where ever he goes. The character is hysterical in every aspect of his being, like him using a katana blade sword instead of a barbarian type sword. Aragones & Evanier have consistently put forth amazing creator owned character and his adventures are so much fun. Way back in 2005 Evanier & Aragones teased a Conan/Groo crossover and said Dark Horse was going to make it happen, and over the years fans such as myself have waited patiently. And now the wait is over!!! The 4 issue mini series will kick off on July 23rd, followed by a 12 issue mini series called Groo: Friends and Foes. In an interesting twist, artist Tom Yeates will draw Conan whenever he appears, with Aragones handling all the rest of the art. All of this was confirmed way back at Wondercon, and I popped into my local mom and pop comic shop the other day and they said the 1st issue is scheduled for 7/23 on time. You can pre-order the first three issues by clicking here. Check out a cool logo, as well as some interior pieces of art from the upcoming comic...


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