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July 15, 2014

Super Power Beatdown: Punisher vs Red Hood Take To The Streets!!!!

Super Power Beatdown is becoming a Youtube staple for comic nerds like me, because it gives you an opportunity to see some of your favorite characters from the comics pages face off one on one. Bat In The Sun productions has come a long way from their (amazingly good) Batman fan films. The action of the clips are great, and just seeing two characters you grew up loving battle it out with their specific abilities at the center. There have been a ton of epic ones (Scorpion vs The White Ranger is one) in the series thus far, but the most recent entry is one for the ages. Who would win in a battle of street vigilantes? Red Hood is one of Batman's greatest challenges as an adversary especially because of his bloodlust and quest for revenge driving his mission. And the Punisher... well, he is the Punisher. He Punishes. Well. So if the two met in a dark alley (LOL, this is where they actually DO meet in the video) who would come out on top? I thought the action in this one was well executed, and I really like all the hand gun play. With entries like this, Super Power Beatdown certainly has a bright future ahead. Check out the full video after the jump...

Thanks for the tip off Lock...  

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