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July 15, 2014

Gallery Nucleus Presents: Heroes In A Half Shell - A Tribute To The 30th Anniversary of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I am always on the lookout for cool pop culture art shows that are held around the country... after all, other than Bottleneck Galleries in Brooklyn we have very few places in NYC that conduct shows of that nature. But through the magic of the Internet we not only get to view the pieces of these shows, but we have access to PURCHASE prints and original pieces of all this great stuff! Gallery Nucleus is located in Alhambra, California and is currently executing one hell of a show. It is called 'Heroes In A Half Shell' and is meant to pay tribute to the 30th Anniversary of our favorite crime fighting reptiles (yup, turtles are reptiles... why don't you go to science class!). On the cusp of the release of the new live action TMNT film, this show highlights all the classic characters as well as some of the rarer ones from the many iterations the property has been through (Fish Face seems abundantly more popular than he should be as a subject). There are over 30 artists in the show, and it also features sponsorship tie ins to the cartoon and IDW comics. There are giveaways, door prizes and the best part is that anyone that shows up in costume gets in free!!! The pieces vary in style and execution, and there are even some non-print pieces (a skate deck, stuffed animals, and scultures) to spice things up. Now that is one show I wish I lived on the Left Coast for!!! The show runs until August 3rd, but if you can't make it in then make sure you pop by the Gallery Nucleus webpage to peruse the art and maybe make some Turtle-Tastic purchases. Enjoy my faves after the jump....

World Upon a Turtles Shoulders by Tohru Awa

Ninja Beatdown by Miki Brewster

Raph Walks Alone by Micah Gunnell

Pizza Party by Nicole Gustafsson

Turtles In A Half Shell by Laura Hohman

Family by Jermaine Jose

TCRI Skate Deck by Jack Rossi 

A New Tenant by Sachin Tang 

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