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July 14, 2014

Even Batgirl Is Becoming A Hipster.... Ugggghhhhhh!

OK, let me start by saying that I do not HATE the new Batgirl character redesign, nor do I HATE the backstory the book is about to take at issue #35. There is a new creative team being put into place (written by Cameron Stewart & Brenden Fletcher, art by Babs Tarr) and they have decided to take the character of Barbara Gordon into a different direction. Now that she has lost everything due to a terrible fire, Babara gets a chance to relocate... so she chooses the hip suburb of Gotham, called Burnside (aka the Williamsburg of the DC Universe). And of course, she needs to update her wardrobe. So gone are the spandex and high heeled boots. Now we get a more practical (albeit hipster-ish) look, complete with practical Doc Martin-esque yellow boots, a snap away cape and glove set, and leather motorcycle jacket. We also get Barbara's version of a utility belt, which looks really cool when it is incorporated with the one leg holster pouch. The cover of issue #35 features Batgirl in full costume of her new local dive bar taking a selfie.... of course! I really am a fan of Babs Tarr's art, and this could be the type of 'forward motion storytelling' that the new 52 DC Universe needs. The first issue featuring the re-design hits stores October 8th. You can check an interview with the creative team over at MTV's website by cliicking here, and also check out the cover & some art as well by clicking after the jump...

Character Re-design

Cover Shot

Action Shot



  1. Sorry. I love it. I am so starved for something fresh that this has become a lifeline of sorts.

    1. I agree Kal... I like it as well, but I just wish it was anything but 'Hipster'. I hate hipster living in the Hipster capitol of the world!