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July 21, 2014

Mike Vazquez Has Some Dope SD Comic Con 2014 Exclusives Ready For The Show!!!

We are on the cusp of this years San Diego Comic Con, and show exclusives from everyone involved are starting to crop up all in our Feedly feed. One of the coolest ones so far mashes up what will probably be 2 of the biggest comic book movies of 2014: Days of Future Past & Guardians of the Galaxy. Artist Mike Vasquez abandons his typical Adventure Time inspired creations to create a variant cover/poster that features everyone's favorite Raccoon in the role of Wolverine and the rest of the Guardians supporting cast on the posters behind him. He means business, and this is a great interpretation of the classic cover of issue X-Men #141. The piece was a combined effort creation between Vasquez and LogicFun (an artist from France who colored the piece). Vasquez also has some dope stickers featuring Groot, Star Lord Gamorra and Rocket (yeah, no Drax... weird), and a bunch of team Adventure Time inspired prints (Friday is Nintendo characters, Saturday is Guardians, and Sunday is Spidey & the Sinister 6) that are limited and only available at Vasquez's table. He also has a cool 35 page sketch book available for purchase. As someone who has followed Vasquez's art for a while, you will be blown away by both the look of the pieces as well as the quality of the prints. You can see more of Vasquez's work over at his Etsy & Deviant Art pages, and check out pics of everything from SDCC after the jump....


Finished Version

2014 SDCC Sticker Set 

2014 SDCC Exclusive Print

Vasquez's Sketch Book

2014 SDCC Exclusive Prints By Day...

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