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July 21, 2014

Dune Re-Created With Candy... Let The World Rejoice!

Candy Warehouse is a cool as group that re-creates live action scenes from movies & TV shows with candy in place of humans. The results are usually amazing, and this re-creation set of the Dune movie is no exception. The scene when Paul Atreides rides in on giant sand worm and tries to claim dominion over Arrakis and the spice that is so popular comes to life with candy montage. Frank Herbert himself would be proud. After just watching the 'Jadorosky's Dune' documentary, I for one think this version of events could be even crazier than his vision!!! I certainly would rather watch this over the David Lynch movie (it really doesn't hold up well). You can see more of these excellent scenes over at the Candy Warehouse's Flickr page. Check out this set of pics after the jump...


  1. Never got through it! One day, though. One Day!

  2. You guys are crazy. Dune is awesome. I saw the movie twice in two days and then HAD to read the book. But the characters were fresh in my mind as was the setting and the book just became so much more because I had the coolest visual picture in my mind while reading it. The movie plus plus.