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May 27, 2014

EmpTV Cribs by Scott DW and the Star Wars Crew

Star Wars videos are hitting the 'net all the time, and some are pretty great. But very rarely do you find the perfect combination of one that looks good and has great original Star Wars themed content... and that comes to us via Scott DW and the Star Wars crew. They create the 'EmpTV Cribs' universe that takes a look at what life may be like for a fortunate Storm Trooper named TK-429 aka Super Nova. He has reaped the benefit of Order 66, and he is living large. His crib is sick, his party guest list is popping... shit, he even got Jabba up in the place! But what happens when my man Darth Vader shows up without his invitation? This is a great video, and the bets part is the guys show a lot of what went into it in the information section on the Youtube video page. Lots of cool things had to happen to make this sweet video, so its nice for them to give the behind the scenes guys so much love. Check out the whole video after the jump...

Thanks to Jeff Bond for the share!

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