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March 26, 2014

There Is Alien Xenomorph Cosplay... AND THEN THERE IS ALIEN XENOMORPH COSPLAY !!!

I am as much of a fan of cosplay as any other, but there is good cosplay and than there is GREAT COSPLAY. This is an example of great cosplay, and it comes from a source that is extremely close to home for me. Peter Kokis is a performer and builder of fantastic robotic suits of some of your favorite pop culture characters. Think Optimus Prime, The Terminator, the Jaegers from Pacific Rim, etc. And he is based out of Brooklyn, NY... my stomping grounds! His Alien Xenomorph costume may be the very best one yet... and it is super CREEPY! Peter decided to go with the more "warrior" like look of the Alien Xenomorph from Aliens (Alien 2 for you people failing to see the s at the end!) This costume is one of epic proportions, and I can't even begin to get into the specifics of the construct (you can click here for the specs on that particular build). It is the first construct that Peter has made that is not a robot, and shows that he has range as a costume construction expert. And the coolest part: All of Peter's creations can be rented at an hourly rate for performances and appearances. How great is that? The costume took over 400 hours to construct, so giving my dude props here on CCD is the least I can do to show love the Brooklyn way! Hit him up by clicking here and finding his contact info at the bottom of the page. He has more projects in the works (Ultron, new Transformers and astronaut, etc) so check out the Brooklyn Robotworks homepage frequently for updates. You can see cool pics of the Alien Xenomorph in action after the jump...

Predator vision... nice! 


  1. That is every bit of awesome! And then some!

  2. Thanks, Mike. Should I encounter you, you will not be eaten. Unless, of course, I am bored, hungry, or otherwise cranky...
    - Peter

    1. Thanks for that BA.... I am glad you got the article, I was going to send it to you today after you accepted my Facebook request. Maybe we can get together at the 2014 NYCC and do something cool! CCD, my buddy Tommy Lombardozzi & Brooklyn Robotworks will take over the world!!!! LOl....

  3. I am as much of a fan of cosplay as any other, but there is good cosplay and than there is GREAT COSPLAY.