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March 20, 2014

The True 'Dark Knight' Detective

I have been a bit burned out on blogging over the last few weeks, so I took a well deserved break. Not really a break since this was the busiest week of the year at my job at the bar... but a break from my nerdy pursuits. But when I saw this over on Cal's Canadian Cave of Cool I knew I had to break my silence. I am back on the blog, and happy as I could be. True Detective was a whirlwind success for HBO (shocker, right?) and was the talk of the town over the past few weeks for the way the show rapped up. But one of the many things that I always really liked about the show was the opening montage. The song is spooky as shot, and the smoky visuals set the scene for the intense show to come. But in the age of the epic mash-up, how can you not insert some of Gotham's greatest figures into that setting? Batman is the Dark Knight Detective, so he fits right in as Rust Kohle with Dick 'Nightwing' Grayson filling the slot as Marty. This is as epic a mash-up idea as I have ever seen. Well done and executed by Josh Newman. Perfect way to segue back into the daily blogging world. Check out the full video after the jump...

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