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March 26, 2014

Lucio Fulci, Revisited....

I have always been a big fan of Italian horror flicks... being the 80s baby that I am. Dario Argento is and always will be one of my favorite directors ever (for his early work, most of his newer stuff is shit!) but my second fave has to be Lucio Fulci. The Beyond, House by the Cemetery, The New York Ripper, Zombie... all classics!Fulci has a very unique style to his films, and that is often conveyed in the AWESOME posters that accompanied his movies to the theaters. They are super rich color-wise and full of key components from the films, and I can't help but assume that Fulci was very involved in the constructing of the posters. My favorite movie theater in NYC, Nighthawk Cinema in Brooklyn, will be hosting a live screening of the Fulci classic 'The Beyond' tonight (tickets still available... get em here) and they have posted a full gallery of Fulci movie posters over at their blog. You can see the full gallery here, and check out my faves after the jump. Long live Fulci.... that dude sure knew how to make a horror movie!!!

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