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February 18, 2014

Will ' Penny Dreadful' Be What American Horror Story: Coven Couldn't?


You know... a complete show! I have been a big fan and supporter of AHS for its first three seasons on the air, and was a huge fan of this current season right up until the end. But they really botched all the great work they had done prior in the first 10 episodes of this season with the final two. It was a mess, and seemed rushed... kind of like they didn't know how to end something that started with so much promise. But with TV channels striking horror gold with shows like The Walking Dead, AHS, Bates Motel, Grimm, and the plethora of vampire shows on the air prove that horror is working right now. So Showtime has decided to get in on the game, and they have their own "horror" themed show coming to the air with Penny Dreadful. Penny Dreadful is a look into life in Victorian England for some of the greatest creations of horror fiction. Imagine if Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, Dorian Grey, etc were all real... they would have to live somewhere, right? What might that look like? Eva Green and her cast mates will help us figure that out. I am in for a couple of reasons: 1) Being a cable channel, we will get tons of blood, violence and nudity. 2) Eva Green is beautiful 3) This can be fun, in the vein of League of Extraordinary Gentleman. The show comes out in May (May 11th) and we finally have a full trailer. Enjoy it after the jump....

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  1. Coven had 13 episodes, not 12, and they all SUCKED. Coven was devastatingly bad.