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February 18, 2014

'Game of Thrones' Cabaret Posters by Fernando Reza

The buzz for season four of Game of Thrones is starting to mount as we get within the two month mark of the shows premiere. That means more and more online tie ins are going to start popping up, and this post highlights one of them. My Reddit vigilante Joe Fletch discovered these awesome cabaret style posters featuring GOT items... yup, not the same characters that we have seen a bunch and instead a spotlight featuring certain items that have played a huge part in the characters lives. Wildfire, Milk of the Poppy, and Valaryian Steel all get their own ads from Fernando Reza, and they are glorious. These kinds of posters get me even more hype or the show, which returns to the air waves on April 6th, 2014. You can see more of Fernando's poster work by clicking here, and check out the posters after the jump...


  1. These are by artist Fernando Reza of Im pretty sure concrete girl is just the user name of the person who posted it to reddit

    1. Thank you, whoever you may be... I will be making adjustments to the post! Thanks for the info, I only credited cement girl because the person had multiple IMgur folders of work that seemed from the same artist. Thanks again...