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February 20, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy Gets A Trailer... OOOOOOHHHHH, I'M HOOOOKED ON A FEELINNNNNN !!!!

When the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer was scrubbed from the Super Bowl broadcast, I began to gte concerned. How could a 2 minute trailer not be ready for a movie due out this summer? Was Marvel lacking that much confidence in a film meant to carry on the epic run the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been on? What the Fuck! But then the actual trailer came out, and... well, I must say that I owe Marvel an apology. I owe them an apology because over the past ten years they have hit film after film out of the park. I owe them an apology because they have weaved together a cohesive universe over multiple films that is constantly moving forward. And most of all I owe them an apology because they have never given me a reason to doubt them, and I started too. But after 2 minutes and 31 seconds, I realized what an idiot I am! Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! The trailer was perfect. The tone of the film seems amazing, James Gunn's style is all over this trailer. All the alien tech and characters look amazing. Drax looks rugged. Gamora sexy and deadly. Starlord... Starlord is hysterical! The highlight of course is Groot & Rocket. Rocket looks and sounds pretty spot on. The spitting also drives home the characters rudeness. Groot looks epic, and him being Rocket's muscle is probably going to lead to some really fun action scenes. I also love the simpleness of the character... its pretty spot on. Can this be any better? I don't know how. You have probably seen it already, but if not have at it after the jump. Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters on August 1st, 2014...


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  1. Love that soundtrack...I love the concept and the comic so much and it looks like they might have gotten this one right as well. Can Doctor Strange and Black Panther be far behind.