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February 26, 2014

The 'Albuquerque Action Squad' Mini Fig Set via Citizen Brick

Citizen Brick is every Lego lovers dream site... a place when they can buy custom brick sets and mini figs alike. They make the more... well, lets be generous and say "questionable" sets and mini figs that a wholesome company like Lego might be less inclined to make. You know... like tiles marked 'ammo' or mini figs like the Hail Satan Enthusiast. Wholesome stuff like that. But it is there newest addition to the already extensive catalog that got my attention; Meet 'The Albuquerque Action Squad' !!! Yup, CB is venturing into the world of Breaking Bad, with three figs that will satisfy any fan of the blue: 1) Legal Defense Enthusiast (Saul) 2) Drug Dealing Enthusiast (Jesse) and 3) Law Enforcement Enthusiast (Uncle Hank). I applaud them for not going right away with a Mr. White/Heisenberg figure... but I am eagerly awaiting a second wave that may feature a half burn Gustavo Fring figure! For now, these three will have to do. They will run you $55 bucks for the set, but once they sell out they will probably be worth much more than that. You can check out all Citizen Brick had to offer by clicking here, and check out some detailed pics of the mini fig set after the jump...


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