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February 26, 2014

Batman vs The Terminator - A Fan Film For The Ages !!!

Mash-ups can be tedious at times... just cause you have two really cool characters, doesn't really mean they will necessarily work well together. Even if they seem like a born match. Usually the best mash-ups are the ones you don't really see coming... the ones you DON'T think would work so effectively. That is the case with this crazy ass fan film I found over at Comic Alliance called Batman vs The Terminator... yup, that is correct: The Caped Crusader taking on the most dangerous machines of all time. Yup, that is something I can definitely say I never thought I would see mashed up and something that was happily created by Tony Guerrero (writer) and Mitchell Hammond (animator). This is pretty fantastic, a true labor of love by two guys who really wanted to get their vision out into the world. They have a cool blog where they documented the process. I hope to see more than just this 5 minute clip in the future. But for now, this will have to do. Check it out, with the full size movie poster, after the jump...

Here is the poster:

Here is the full film:

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