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March 3, 2014

Super Mario Propaganda Poster by Michael Tyler For Sketch Lottery

My buddy Sal over at the Sketch Lottery has a hell of a site going on... it is getting bigger and bigger every week with every new category they introduce. The amount of participants are staggering, and the varying types of artistic talent weigh in every week on the different characters that are selected. But this week we saw a very popular character being picked... one that almost everyone with a pulse would be able to recognize. This weeks topic was Super Mario, and Sal got 27 submission from a crazy talented group of artists. But one stood out in particular to me... not because it was the best (that is subjective, no?) or because it was the most original. No, it stood out because of the current state of affairs in Russia/Ukraine that made Michael Tyler's submission stand out to me. He chose to take a old Russian propaganda poster that featured Joseph Stalin holding up a flag bearing child and give it the Mario spin. He subbed in Mario for Stalin (the mustache makes that easy) and Toad for the baby, and the rest is history. But when Sal posted the pic on Sketch Lottery's Facebook page, Michael shared the original poster that he used as a guide and inspiration... and when I looked at them side by side I just knew that I had to make a post showing them both. Sal and the gang start a new subject every Friday, so make sure you check back frequently to see what they are up to. You can see the original propaganda poster and Michael's contribution after the jump...

The original poster:

Michael Tyler's:

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