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February 11, 2014

Now This Is A Ridiculous Sounding Movie That I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE: 'Zombeavers' Are Coming For You !!!!

Listen, I have sat through my fare share of nonsensical movies. I watched Ozombie, a film about Osama Bin Laden coming back as an undead zombie, more than once... yup, that is a factual statement. I actively sought out Ishtar to see what everybody was complaining about... It wasn't that bad after all. I also consider more than 5 Troma movies as classics, even though most people couldn't get through 5 minutes of them. I am a sucker for bad movies! So when I saw the trailer and poster for Zombeavers I knew I had a new project to check out. A bevy of youngins head into the woods to a cabin for weekend of sex, drugs and drankin. They only problem is the kill a beaver that gets into their cabin, and that sets off a series of events that brings them face to face with a clan of zombie infected beavers... yup, I just typed that. Zombie. Infected. BEAVERS!!! Jesus CHRIST! Beavers... this is genius. Even the poster and it's tagline are fabulous. "Zombeavers: You'll All Be Dammed!"... Yup! I'm in, how about you? Check out the poster and trailer after the jump..

Best 2 minutes of your movie watching life to follow:

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