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February 11, 2014

Just Another Excuse To Check Out Germany: A Big Lebowski Themed Bar? Yes Please!!!!!

I am someone who loves to travel, and I often get inspired by stories that other people tell me about places they go. One of my favorite writers on the Internet, Vince Mancini from over at FilmDrunk, recently visited Germany and was taken to a Big Lebowski themed bar. That is just insane to me. I know there is a Big Lebowski store (Little Lebowski) in the Village here in NYC, but a whole bar themed after one of my favorite movies... a bar that I can order as many White Russians in as I want? A bar loaded up with cool set pieces, and artwork featuring the epic cast? I bet this is the kind of place that could get you a toe if you really needed one... lol. Just another reason to want to go check it out. Here is the link to the bar's official site, and you can see some of Vince's pics after the jump. Who want to check out the Deutschland?

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