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November 27, 2013

Video Throwback - Robot Chicken: Villain Carpool

Reading Carpool Buddies of Doom the other day really made me laugh... laugh out loud. So I decided to share that over on my Facebook page, and the reaction was great. But in the comments one of my good buddies Edson posted a similar concept that was executed by Robot Chicken way back in 2005. It was called 'Villain Carpool', and featured claymation versions of Cobra Commander, Skeletor, Lex Luthor and Mumm-Ra on a hellish ride to work. They deal with the monotony of everyday life in the only way they know how... by being EVVVVVVIIIIILLLLLL! This is so great.... especially Lex Luthor. He kills. Maybe not the direct inspiration for 'Carpool of Doom' but, a very similarly great idea. I forgot how great of a show Robot Chicken really was. Might have to go back and dig into the crates to see what else they got stashed away....

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