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November 27, 2013

Political Villains x Comic Book Villains by Billy Butcher

I have featured Billy Butcher's works here on CCD many times before (check here and here), but this latest batch that I have come across are just special. Butcher takes some of the most controversial political villains, mashes them up with some of the worst comic book villains of all time... and truthfully, the physical resemblances are just too much to ignore (tell me that Mao isn't spot on). These are pretty fantastic! I had to laugh a bit inside (call it my inner liberal) to see George W. Bush included among these heathens, but it is not too much of a stretch to see why Butcher would put him in the group. Check out more of Butcher's work over at his website and check out all of the Political Villains after the jump...

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