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November 13, 2013

The Shining - 8 Bit by CineFix

I am all for 8 bit conversions of anything... 8 bit is a lifestyle, a reminder of an era far gone. But it even cooler when the thing being 8 bit-ified is a classic movie, especially a classic movie that I love! The Shining is one of my favorite Kubrick films, and not because it is so perfect in its adaption of the book or because it is so great... it is just because it holds a special place in my heart. Jack Nicholson is just so creep-tastic as Jack Torreance, and Shelley Duvall is a perfect victim. The little kid is spooky as fuck... and Scatman Cruthers is just icing on the already delicious cake. So when I got to see this awesome 8 bit rendition of The Shining done by CineFix, I was sitting on the edge of my seat. Crazy!!!! Thanks to Tommy Lombardozzi for sharing this. We were lucky enough to get a Friday the 13th NES game and a Texas Chainsaw Massacre Atari game... god I wish this one were real! Check it out after the jump...

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