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November 5, 2013

The Elizabeth Arkham Asylum For The Criminally Insane - Lego Style

There are custom Lego builds... and then there are CUSTOM LEGO BUILDS. Xenomurphy is a Lego builder who has just completed one of the second ones, a Lego build that is about as epic as it could be. He has spent the last year completing a huge Lego build of the Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane of Batman fame, complete with a courtyard and interiors that bring the building from the Batman mythos to life! Yup, a whole year... and not only did he dedicate himself to the epic build, he has provided the world with a free 80 page guidebook on how to replicate the build brick by brick!!!! That is right, you can build your own incredibly detailed Arkham Asylum, thanks to Xenomurphy's meticulous documentation. The pictures of this build don't do it justice, and the sheer fact that the build guidebook is 80 pages gives you a glimpse of just how much work went into it. You can see Xenomurphy's Flickr photostream with all the photos of the build by clicking here, and you can download the full 80 page build guide in PDF format by clicking here. Great work... check out a few images after the jump...

Thanks Joe Fletch for another great find...

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