November 7, 2013

Marvel's X Book Covers Take On Horror Movie Posters From The Past...

X-Necrosha was a huge cross over event that took place in the various X comics of the Marvel Universe (X-Men, X-Force, New Mutants, etc) back in 2009 involving the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club Selene and her quest to become a goddess. Part of the plot revolved around her resurrecting past mutants who had died in the past and involved things like zombification and vampirism. During the original run of these books the higher ups at Marvel thought this would be a great opportunity to cross over these book covers with horror movie classic posters. Lost Boys, Dracula, The Exorcist, The Terminator, Blade Trinity, Underworld, From Dusk Till Dawn, Interview With A Vampire, John Carpenters Vampire$ all get there shot... and these covers are just fantastic! I never seen these when they were out, but they are boss. I am definitely gonna search these particular issues out in cons to come. Check out a full gallery of the covers after the jump along with the original posters that they are based on...

X-Necrosha #1

Necrosha: The Gathering One Shot

X-Force #21

X-Force #22

X-Force #23

X-Force #24

X-Force #25

New X Men Vol 1 #141

New X-Men vol 2 #8

Fletch is killing me with these finds!!!! Keep em coming!!!!


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