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October 25, 2013

The CCD Crew at the 2013 New York Comic Con - A Retrospective In Pics

We here at CCD are definitely leading a charmed life. We started this little blog about 4 years ago (closer to 5 I think... maybe) with one thing in mind: share cool stuff with our friends (and anybody else who may want to check it out!). Who would have thought that the articles we put up and various projects we became a part of would lead to us getting press passes 4 years running at NY Comic Con, and us meeting and interviewing tons of of our favorite people (World War Z author Max Brooks, V for Vendetta artist David Lloyd, Comic greats Chris Claremont and Neal Adams, the cast of The Human Centipede, physical actor extraordinaire Doug Jones, actor Dan Fogler... just to name a few). But this year we really went all out and good friend and contributor Tommy Lombardozzi and I procured a booth in Artists Alley. We sold Tommy's and Sean Hartter's prints, and had another great year of fun. But this year our photographer genius (and overall genius) Joe Fletch grabbed some very candid shots of us behind the scenes, having a great time. These are all funny in their own way, and so I decided to post them up to show you guys just how much fun we really have. This site takes up a ton of my time, but I do get to reap the benefits. This is proof. Enjoy the pics...

Tommy fucks a tube... and likes it!!!

Mike D inside a Chucky toy box

Close up of Mike & TL... handsome!

We about that business...

TL getting assassinated by chick Indy... and Griffin just watching! 

Booth Banner!

Drawing... FUN!

Full Booth of goodies for sale

Getting comfortable while TL chats up the crowd... Mike D chatting with Alison Hartter

Griff getting sketchy... 

Sketch card close ups

Joey Esq... annoyed at being toyed with by a cosplayer!

TL mock jizzing on Rob Liefeld's table... wish he would have really did it!

Tres Amigos... Hey!!!

Mike D Rocking that Mishka cap....

More handsome fellas

Draw niggas... draw!!!!

Friends to the end!!!

TL before the Hartter merch... 

Fletch and TL building the display...

Skeleton display

Drill it!

Tommy trying to fuck TL

Kid with Thanos tat buying TL's Thanos Comic Book Backing Board covers!

Lock & Chris Uminga... buy shit!!!

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