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October 25, 2013

New York Comic Con 2013 - Cool Ass Statues

One of the coolest things that any con has to offer are the ridiculous and highly detailed collectibles that are offered for sale. Nothing in this category is more impressive than the huge statues that more and more companies are producing. Whether they are busts, 1/2 bodies, or full figures... these statues are often enough to stop you in you tracks and make you do a double take at just how awesome they really are. Here are a few pics of the ones we saw at the 2013 NY Comic Con, hope you enjoy...

This Goro was like 3 feet!!!1

Sub Zero


Skeletor 1/2 bust... so realistic

The He-Man is cool, but the Beast Man was ridiculous! 

Mortalllllllll KOMBAT!!!!!!

Akuma 1/2 full bust... with GLOWING EYES!!!

Conan.... insane!!!

Sick Judge Death!!!!

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