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October 24, 2013

CCD Interviews: Artist Sean Hamilton At His Booth In Artist Alley at the 2013 NY Comic Con

My man Sean Hamilton and I go way back... last year at the NY Comic Con to be exact! We met Sean last year in Artist Alley and have seen him at a few other cons, and considering we have so much in common we always chop it up a bit when we see each other. See, Sean is a comic & pop culture nerd... but he is also a sneaker head. These are two of my favorite things as well, and so we have similar sensibilities in terms of the things we personally like. This tends to skew me towards the work he does, which pairs a popular pop culture character (Superman, Spidey, Michonne, etc) with a fresh pair of kicks. Some are obvious, like Catwoman paired with the Tiffany Dunks, or Hulk paired with the Hulk Dunks. Some are based on color ways, like Superman in the Fire Red 4s or Batman in the Thunder 4s. And some are just conceptual, such as Teen Wolf dunking a basketball in the Nike Air Mags (aka Marty McFly's from Back to the Future fame). Truly great and creative stuff... and I love seeing what he comes up with next. The best part is that Sean usually does very limited runs of each print... and once he sells out, they are gone forever! I copped his Batman piece and he threw in the Superman for free (thanks brother!). Make sure you check out Sean's cool ass website by clicking here, and check out some of the pics I took of his booth and the interview we conducted after the jump. Also, make sure you follow him on Instagram (CreateInkStudios)... his timeline is poppin! Enjoy the goodies after the jump...

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