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October 31, 2013

Horror Hottie Alert: Lauren Cohen (Maggie of The Walking Dead) Sexy Black & White Pics

God, you gotta love Reddit! My main man Joe Fletch has been sending me thousands (ok, maybe not thousands... like high hundreds) of links to various Reddit threads sharing all types of cool stuff, but the ones that catch my attention are usually the ones featuring some hot chicks. Recently he uncovered three threads linking back to the Walking Dead Imgur page featuring actress Lauren Cohen, who portrays Maggie on the show, posing scantily clad and sexy in Black & White photographs. Now that is reason alone to share in a post... but the actual sexiness that she is exuding in these pics made it a must share. Enjoy your Halloween boner courtesy of Maggie and the good folks over here at CCD... doing God's work since 2010!!! Pics after the jump...


  1. I love these. I simply can not get enough of to look and see if there are more!

  2. I could take her or leave her on the show. She's hottest by default...possibly second hottest.....but, damn she's got my little zombie moaning in these

    JF...where's the other photo you found?