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October 29, 2013

Frightening Home Goods by Horror Decor

Halloween makes the month of October an acceptable time to decorate your home with blood streaked and stained items and monsters A-OK. Nobody will ever look at you sideways for your Frankenstein pot holders or Creature From the Black Lagoon shower curtain... you will be revered for it. But what if you wanted to kick up your horror house decor to the next level? Well, say no more... just bounce over to the Horror Decor website! They offer a plethora of horror themed merch for the crib, from lampshades to pillows... anything you can ever want to bring the spooky level up in your house. My all time favorite product that they offer has to be their VHS pillow, and oversized pillow that is shaped like a old VHS tape. But that is not what makes it so cool... the fact that it has a Velcro strip in the middle that allows you to attach specific movie labels (also made by Horror Decor, and only $5 bucks a game) to the pillow!!! What a cool idea. These guys also collaborated with Johnny from Freddy In Space on a whole set of Mad Ball/Horror Character themed pillows, and they happen to be ON SALE RIGHT NOW! And their latest addition to the collaboration is a Cereal Monster pillow... given our theme to this years All Horror Week, how great is that? Honestly, they have a ton of really great stuff for those who are into macabre decor. So get on over there and make an order! Check out a few of our favorite products after the jump...

All FIVE Cereal Monsters!!!!

VHS Pillow

VHS PIllow w/label (Re-Animator is amazing!)

VHS Pillow Labels (only $5 bucks a piece!)

More VHS Pillows

Axe Candle

Chainsaw & Blood placemats

Blood Splattered Lampshade

Only 50 made.... get some now!!!!

Currently on sale for $10-12 bucks a piece!!!!!!!!!

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