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October 30, 2013

Artin' It Up - 2013 All Horror Week Edition - Day # 3

Today's entry in Tommy Lombadozzi's 2013 All Horror Week collection takes us camping... specifically to Camp Crystal Lake. Jason Voorhees hasn't always rocked the hockey mask that everyone is so accustomed to envisioning him. In the original Friday the 13th the killer was Mrs. Voorhees, and Jason only appeared briefly at the end when he dragged the final girl into the water... and he had no mask on to cover his mongoloid face. In Part II Jason is the killer... but he rocks a burlap sack rather than the hockey mask that he would obtain in Part III. Tommy decided to capture that look with his latest piece, and he used marker, pen, ink, paint marker and colored pencil to make this one come to life. I love this piece, particularly the fact that he went with the Burlap sacked Jason. Check it out after the jump... and you can see TWO MORE pieces on Thursday & Friday of All Horror Week.

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