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September 17, 2013

All 80 Original Episodes Of Star Trek Get Their Own Posters by Juan Ortiz

Juan Ortiz is a die hard Star Trek fan. And he really loves the original series. I mean a lot. He likes them so much he decided to immortalize each of the 80 episodes into their own posters, and he used a Saul Bass type influence to make them era appropriate. These are a real treat, especially for any real Trek fan that can recognize the elements of each particular episode in each poster. So well done and original. There is a book of all the posters available over at Amazon for $25 bucks, and you can see them and much more over at Juan's Tumblr. Check out my faves after the jump...


  1. that is cool, sad for me... i was doing this style of book too. alas i must stop, it will look like i am a copy-cat.

  2. Really Jeremy? No way!!!! Don't stop... do it anyway. Its not like these are such a out there idea that he came up with. Lots of people give their spin on ole reliable franchises like Trek. I for one would LOVE to see yours....