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September 17, 2013

Ben Affleck On The Internet Criticism Of Being The New Batman - "I Handle Shit..."

For a long time I was one of the dissenting internet trolls who constantly questioned casting decisions. The turning point for me was The Dark Knight... I couldn't believe that they cast Heath Ledger as the Joker, and then he proceeded to kill. So after that I decided to ease off on the critiques till AFTER someone actually performs in a movie and sucks. I have stuck by that mantra for a while... an honestly, things have not stopped on the Internet critiques but they have been much slower since Ledger-gate. Up until last month, when Ben Affleck was cast as Batman in Batman vs Superman. Then the Internet hatred exploded in a way I have not seen in quite a long time. It was epic. Even among my Facebook friends... nobody thinks that Big Ben could be the Dark Knight. But I believe. I truly do. So everyone has been waiting to hear what Affleck himself had to say about the casting and the fallout. And that came to an end last night after Ben appeared on Jimmy Fallon and gave us a glimpse into what its like to be the most hated man on the Internet. Pretty fantastic reaction, if you ask me. Check out the full clip after the jump...

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