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September 18, 2013

Jody Steel Ain't Sketching Around....

An artists is a artist all the time... no matter what it is they are doing, their artistic nature bleeds through. When someone has an artistic talent, they look to incorporate it into every activity they do. Even if that activity is doodling to waste time... on their own leg! Artist Jody Steel is a very talented illustrator (as you can see from the many pieces she has drawn that are displayed on her Tumblr). But her most impressive and detailed pieces are the ones that she is drawing on her own thigh... yup, you read that right, her own THIGH! Steel started doodling the face portraits on her own thigh and must have realized just how good they were, so she started photographing them and putting them on her Tumblr as well. The detail on these pieces are amazing, and I love that they are largely done with a pen and very minimal color. But when she does add color... wow! Those pieces really pop. It also helps when you have legs as perfect as Ms. Steel's to display the art on... good lawd! Check out all of her work on her Tumblr and check out my faves after the jump....

Bonus pic: She can even design a banana!

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