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May 15, 2013

'Judge Minty' - A Judge Dredd Fan Film That Will Blow Your Mind...

I am a huge Judge Dredd fan... have been since the days of the 2000 A.D. comic and the abomination that was the Sylvester Stallone film. Like O.G., triple O.G. status. I really liked the Karl urban vehicle last year as well... even if no one else went to go see it in the theaters. So when I came across a fantastic fan film that featured 27 minutes of Mega City madness over on Bloody Pit of Rod, I just knew I would have to post it here on CCD for all my fellow Dredders... This movie is excellent, and is done with the full permission of the rights owners... which is really rare when it comes to fan films. There is a whole blog that is dedicated to the main of the film, and you can find it here. But if you are a fan of the character like I am, you will love what they do with it. Check out the full feature embedded after the jump...



  1. Judge Minty seems a mysterious movie. Lemme check this if this will really blow my mind. Just right in time my friends are coming for overnight stay.

    1. Would love to hear your thoughts on teh film kiddo... let me know!