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May 13, 2013

100 Days Of Monsters by Patrick Carson Sparrow

I love when I come across great artists and there fantastic work, but I even love it more when they come recommended from a good friend and have an ambitious project in the works. Artist Patrick Carson Sparrow is one of those cases... my main man Johnny from Freddy In Space has been singing his praises for years, as most of his art is horror themed. But his recent '100 monsters in 100 days' project has really captured my attention. Sparrow just decided to do 100 sketches of his favorite monsters, creatures, and killers and post 1 a day on his Facebook page. He has been remarkably efficient (most people who do these types of challenges fall off and fall behind) and he picks some great choices... not the run of the mill choices and the proof that Sparrow is the real deal when it comes to a horror fan. You can see more of his work and all of the 100 Days of Monsters series by clicking here and going to his Facebook page, you can buy some cool shit at his Etsy shop by clicking here, and you can see my faves of the collection after the jump...

The one that started it all... Child's Play

Monster Squad

House by the Cemetary

Big Trouble In Little China


Motel Hell

Bubba Ho Tep

The Shining

Merman (Cabin In The Woods)

Mars Attacks

Salem's Lot

Night Breed

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