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March 4, 2013

Valibation: A Short Horror Film About The Dangers of Technology....

Technology is abound in our current society, and truth be told most people couldn't remember what it was like in the days before Iphones & MP3s, of streaming video and the world wide web. So for his short film Valibation, writer & director Todd Strauss-Schulson decided to take a look at what would happen if we let that constant connection with technology ACTUALLY become a connection with our physical bodies. The result is a truly wonderful 20 minute short film that is extremely witty and even funny at times. But at its core it is a true horror story. I love the way Strauss-Schulson uses popular movies and songs (The Fly, Singing In The Rain, Dancing With Myself) to accentuate the story. A very cool short, and I can't think of a better way for you to spend 20 minutes today. After you watch this you will never look at your Iphone the same way again. The full video is after the jump...

VALIBATION from on Vimeo.

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